Each month we also release a “Masters Series” label for Sprintcar superstars AND often we also release a new “Legend” series bottle – whether that’s a Speedway team or a driver or a rider or rider and passenger.

Our LEGEND SERIES bottle for April coincides with the 2021 Australian Sidecar Championship in Mildura – the home of Methanol Moonshine!

He’s the greatest Speedway sidecar rider of all time.

Not just in Australia, but anywhere.

An eleven times National Champion – shooting for twelve in 2021 – he won his first Aussie title in 1993 and now incredibly almost thirty years later he’s still at the top and still the man to beat.

His Dad Gary was a badass too, in fact a young Darrin started swinging off his Uncle Mark’s sidecar before pairing up with Gary and eventually taking over the throttle himself.

That’s when he began his path to being the greatest of all time.

Now a four times FIM World Title winner, three times FIM Oceania Championship winner and owner of over 40 state titles (including 23 NSW titles alone!) Darrin shows little signs of slowing down and his son Jake is also now a rising star of the sport.

He’s our first ever Methanol Moonshine Sidecar bottle and that’s appropriate because quite simply Darrin Treloar is the greatest Sidecar rider there’s ever been.


Each month we also release a “Masters Series” label for Sprintcar superstars.

Often we also release a new “Legend” series bottle – whether that’s a Speedway team or a driver or a rider or rider and passenger.

There’s a lot going on here at Methanol Moonshine for sure!

Our bottle for April is a Sprintcar Master both here in Australia and the USA – a hero on both sides of the planet really.


He looks like the kid who aced the Chemistry exam and sounds just as meek and mild.

Yet in Speedway terms he’s a giant. Anthony “Skip” Jackson is one of Australia’s finest Sprintcar exponents and arguably one of its deepest thinkers.

He’s a scientist of slide – a man who had a strategy and a subtle way of doing things.

Australia Sprintcar Champion, World Series Sprintcars Champion, Two-times Knoxville Raceway (USA) Champion – the list of credentials is amazing both here in Australia and America.

Revered as a champion both on and importantly off the track he’s without question one of Australian Speedway’s greatest exports and ambassadors.

Skip Jackson is only half of our Methanol Moonshine catch cry – he’s used the “Smooth and subtle” part to lethal effect in a career glittering with race and Championship wins.

We have created this bottle with Skip in mind even though he’s definitely a teetotaller, and we hope you’ll either cherish it as a collector’s item or have a quiet (or loud) drink or two in his honour regardless.

Methanol Moonshine Masters Series Bottle #9


This is it!

Time to unveil the 9th bottle in our Methanol Moonshine Masters Series collection and we know that everyone has been waiting for this!

Ten times Australian Sprintcar Champion Garry Rush is still, twenty years after his retirement, regarded as the greatest Aussie Sprintcar driver of all time.

His record speaks for itself, as do the memories that thousands of Aussies cherish having seen him wheel both Sprintcars and Speedcars to victory across a multitude of decades, states and tracks around the country.

From humble beginnings as an 18-year-old in the mid-1960’s he went on to conquer our sport like no other and with nearly 40 years going sideways (including a journey into black track racing briefly as well) Garry is revered both here and in the USA and NZ as our greatest ever.

“Ten Star GR” lives and breathes Speedway having spent two tenures at the helm as an owner of his beloved Parramatta City Raceway – a passion for the sport in Sydney that still to this day burns to his core.

Known simply as “Rushie” this living legend of our sport is without doubt our Methanol Moonshine ultimate Master.

Ten Australian title wins, seven Warrnambool Classics, the historic win in the Speedcar AGP at the incredible Sydney Showground finale plus literally hundreds of Sprintcar victories across every State and Territory – the pic in the label was hand selected by Rushie and is captured by the late Bill Meyer at Canberra during Garry’s incredibly dominant era!